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people say


Well look at you special snowflake so am I.

No, one cannot care about these issues while completely ignoring the fucking context and actual severity of them.

Like, heterosexism gets people beaten in the streets and treated as sub-citizens and sub-human and people think recognizing our existence as valid is “an opinion" but heterophobia gets peoples feelings hurt on a blogging website??

ohnoes they are totes equal in badness.

You cut the analogy because you don’t want people to see it or something? because you honestly seem to be under the impression that heterosexism is like this rare fucking occasional thing and not something fed into by millions of straight people? and that saying “i hate straight people” is like running up to a straightie and physically assaulting them. lol k.

Also fucking straighties fucking straighties fucking straighties. :)

(Hey, if I say that 3 times in a mirror in the dark, will you appear to steal my jar of straighty tears from me? oh noes!)

FYI, people like you are the reason people who won’t “support” the idea of us being seen as human beings because “like 5, maybe 6 gay peoples were mean to me on the internet! This is why you have no rights and everyone hates you!” are given credibility.

Like, it directly makes our humanity depend on their fucking mercy and approval.

How about fuck that?

I hope you feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are probably “that person” straight people refer to as “totally fine with it” and proof they are not bigots whenever they say blatantly heterosexist shit.

GTFO of here go help organize a straight pride parade or something ‘cuz y’know we are the ones oppressing them now so you may as well go beg them for some “I’m not straight and I love straight people!” cookies.

Oh shut the fuck up you drama baby.

I’m not saying any of this bullshit when I’m saying “stop judging people for their sexuality”.

Really. That is the only thing I’m saying.

Heterophobia and homophobia are not the same, and they do not affect people equally and homophobia is much more prominent and hurtful at large.

There, you have me on record as saying that.

But that, and here’s the important part that you’re missing because your heads too far in your ass, THAT STILL DOESN’T MAKE HETEROPHOBIA SOMETHING I’M WILLING TO LET FLY OR SUPPORT.

And hey, hate to break it to you, but there are a lot more straight people than there are of us. So if all of them fucking hate us because we’re screaming about how shitty they are, we’re fucked. Why the fuck do you think that that actually HAPPENED before? Because a high majority of people hated lgbt people. And it took a shitload of time to get us even accepted. It was slow.

No, I doubt anyone’s going to change their mind on supporting LGBT people because of heterophobia. That doesn’t make your jokes any less shitty or any less mean or unnecessary.

And no, I don’t think homophobia is fucking rare. I kinda, ya know, experience it along with biphobia! Woo, hard to imagine that.

Go keep your shitty, bigotted thoughts to yourself, and just fuck off.

And I deleted the analogy because this post was long enough as it is. Calm your shit.

lol “drama baby”, what happened to criticizing childish behavior?

and woooow, are you serious?

"There are a lot more straight people, so we need to be nice to them or they will fuck us over"

At least your true intentions are obvious now. You are literally just shitting on the rest of the queer community for venting their frustrations because you, personally, are trying to protect your own ass by playing kiss-up to the straighties.

See, THIS shit is another reason why heterophobia is a good thing.

It shows we are NOT AFRAID OF THEM, NOT DEPENDENT ON THEM, our equality will be achieved by US, and if they want to be an ally (which entails sitting, down, shutting up, and listening, as well as telling off other straighties, NOT heading the movement) then that is fine, but we are NOT dependent on them to have our humanity recognized.

If we played by their rules, Stonewall would have never happened.

If we played by their rules, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

You think we are where we are because they gained pity out of nowhere or something?

because we gradually weedled them into acceptance?


It’s because WE stood the fuck up and told them off!

If you went back in time to Stonewall and insinuated that the way to equality was through being super totally nice to straight people, they would have laughed your ass into infinity and beyond.

Heterophobia is, first and foremost:

A way to vent at being treated like shit constantly by society.


It’s cautious discrimination. There are those who would consider it “heterophobia” to assume all straight people are heterosexist. There are those who (rightfully) prejudge straight people as heterosexist because if they don’t and reveal their sexuality to the wrong person, it could literally ruin their fucking life, if not end it (in the worst-case scenario)

and Third:

It’s fucking rebellion. It’s not licking straighties toes in exchange for equality. It’s rejecting heteronormativity.

It’s just fucking wonderful

and FYI, gtfo of here with your “wow hard to imagine that” shit because uh, I’M BISEXUAL TOO HARD TO IMAGINE THAT, and also “homophobia” is a term that only focuses on gay men and erases the rest of the queer community so wow, way to erase me and yourself and all other bi people and other non-gay sexualities. Ooh the equality I feel it.

and the one who needs to calm their shit is you. Just because YOU want to grovel to “the majority” to protect your own ass doesn’t mean we’re all going to jump in and join you.

Oh I’m “shitting on the rest of the queer community” am I? I thought there weren’t that many heterophobes? Or are there really that many LGBT people who hate straight people? I’m not shitting on anyone “in the queer community”. They just happen to be in the queer community. I’m calling them out on their bullshit and that has nothing to do with their sexuality.

How the fuck am I playing kiss up to the straighties? You people expect equality just plopped until your laps and you can just act however you want until then. Be fucking realistic, there’s a game you have to play and equality isn’t going to come to you by fucking standing in the corner screaming about how terrible straight people are. That is the most useless thing you can do short of shitting your pants.

You clearly don’t understand that. This isn’t a time period where LGBT are horribly hated by every person imaginable. We’ve gotten so far ahead and there’s so much more freedom. We do not need to mock and condemn straight people for their sexuality to win.

Don’t compare heterophobia to rioting. THAT’S FUCKING DOING SOMETHING. You’re just whining about how terrible straight people are. You are being a whiny bigoted baby. What an ego you must have to compare that to Stonewall.

I don’t care if it’s a way to vent, vent it by hating the homophobes, and all those shitty people.

You really, really need to get your head out of your fucking ass because you seem to think that heterophobia is…fucking rebellion? Seriously? You called it rebellion? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in defense of heterophobia. Can you see your internal organs or is it too dark in there?

Pretty sure homophobia means hatred of gays. That means lesbians and gay men.

There’s transphobia, biphobia, panphobia (though I suggest a different word used for that considering it’s already in use for “fear of everything, though not commonly),etc,  so I don’t see how anyone is erased here. They’re all their own issues that deserve their own names and attention, And yes, I know, intersectionality doesn’t matter here they can all have their own focus too.

I don’t grovel for anything. I’m just giving you the facts, even if you don’t wanna accept them. I treat people the way they deserve.

Seriously? Hating on straight people is rebellion now?

Sure have downgraded what it takes to be rebellious, haven’t they?

Umm I was saying you were shitting on the entire community by perpetrating erasure

by talking about homophobia, which literally only entails homosexual men, and does not apply to all other sexualities at all.

using “homophobia” as a catch-all term for “heterosexism”

I jut found it pretty shittily ironic is all, coming from “total equality” over here

Read BEFORE you post. :)

and lol “a game”

There really isn’t some manipulative game going on where the only way to win is to emotionally and politically manipulate straighties into approving of our humanity.

Even if, in theory, such a game existed, the major flaw is that we’d be playing by THEIR rules.

You’d sit there constantly wanting their approval and then when something comes up that intrudes on their comfort zone, it will be instantly shot down.

We would only achieve “equality” insofar as it does not step up into their comfort zone

and that isn’t equality. That’s second-priority. That’s “equal as long as they approve of it”. That’s “equal until they decide we’re TOO equal”

Fuuuuck THAT.

Not *comparing* it to stonewall, “heterophobia” in protests were a big fucking PART of the beginning of the queer rights movement.

You think everyone went around rioting with the mentality of “oop oop, let’s not forget to be NICE to straight people while we do this”

Do you really think that’s how shit happened?

Do you think civil rights movements succeed by being NICE?

Name ONE group that achieved equality by always being “nice” to the group of people constantly kicking them down?

I’m WAITING to hear that one!

and yes, not kissing ass is a part of rebellion. It isn’t as simplified and black and white as swords and marches. It also includes not taking shit and being scared of the people who crap on you daily. 

I guess you and your “they are the majority we have to be careful so they don’t crush us because it is all an elaborate manipulative game” shit mentality makes that idea kind of hard to wrap your head around.

Also stop using the word “stupid” it’s ableist as fuck and fucking rich to see from someone preaching about “not being harmful”, but mostly just ableist as fuck.

heterophobia 5ever <33

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